Welcome To Soul Discussion with Lisa Holbrook

Animal communication sessions connect you to your animal’s thoughts, emotions and energy. This allows you to deepen your relationship with your pet on a soul level. It also allows you to reach solutions and resolutions through understanding and love and to learn “what makes them tick”.

The session is  a two-way conversation between you and your animal through me as the communicator.  You are able to ask questions during the session and get clarification on anything we are discussing.  

By the end of the session you will feel a deeper connection with your animal, your questions will be answered, you will receive needed solutions, and both you and your animal will have more clarity and understanding of each other.

Connect to your animal on a deeper, soul level.

Animal communication saves time, energy and resources as it corresponds directly to the source of the issues.

“But I worry about what my animal will say about me.”

Often people are concerned about what I might see or what the animal might express to me. However, I can say with full confidence that if you are hiring me, you are a loving animal owner and you have nothing to fear. Animals carry extraordinary unconditional love for their owners. They are so happy to be communicating and expressing themselves and they truly only want to give helpful, loving information.

Animal communication allows you to learn more about your animal’s thoughts, feelings, needs and physical health.

Learn About

What your animal thinks or feels.
Reasons and solutions to behavior problems.
Your relationship with your animal on a deep, soul level.
Your animal’s mission (soul purpose) in life and past lives that contribute to their personality.
How to help animals that are reaching their final moments in life.
How animals who have passed are doing and feeling.
General information that your animals want you to know.
Anything physical that you should be aware of.
How to help your animal through transitions: bringing a new animal or child into the home, moves, relationship changes, etc.
I can also communicate with wild animals in order to help a situation regarding your home or property if they are causing any problems.
If their feed is correct for them and if they need anything different.
Any other questions or concerns that you have.

Through these sessions, traumatic emotions and memories (often from past lives) can be released for your animal and allow them to move forward in this life.


Meet Lisa

I have always been in love with animals. As a young child I could communicate with animals and would often have lengthy conversations with them. I would spend my entire day with my horse, dog, and cat in complete harmony and love.

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