The art of being – the perfect gift

The Question

I always ask my clients to have a list of questions ready for each session. This allows us to create intention as well as it gives me something to get the conversation going (not all animals are chatty).  The most common question I hear is, “Is there anything that you need or want?”.  Now, before I continue I want to give complete recognition and respect to my beloved clients.  Each one of my clients loves their animals deeply.  They want what is best for their animal and that is one of the beautiful reasons that they hire me.

So while asking your animal what can help them be more comfortable, happy, or healthy is a perfect question, I also want to talk today about one of the most simple gifts that you can give your animals: being present.  As humans we live in a world of constant stimulation.  We can be driving down the road and thinking of a hundred different things all while being given more input via billboards, the radio, etc.  This causes us to always be living in the past or the future.  What happened yesterday that upset you?  What are your tasks for tomorrow? What does next month look like financially?

When we arrive home or to the barn, we are still laden with all of this information.  It is presented to our animals via our thoughts, feelings, emotions and pictures in our head.  Our animals are highly intuitive and thus they pick up on each and every one of these.  Can you imagine how confusing that would be for them?  They don’t know where to start.  Are you angry at them?  Are you worried for them?  As animals, they want to help because they love us unconditionally but they are incapable of removing all of our baggage or understanding the complexity of our lives.

We are all guilty of not living in the moment.  But what can we do to help our beloved animals not be affected by our stressful lives?  We can do our best to be present when we are with them.  Our animals love our full/undivided attention.  They love to help us ground and release stress.  They can help us deal with our complex lives if we simply allow them.   And we can allow them by being present with them.

The Solution

When you arrive home from a busy day, be sure to take a large, deep breath prior to entering your house.  Try to feel your feet against the floor if only for a second.  Open the door and savor the moment of having your animals greet you.  It is a truly wonderful feeling to be loved so deeply and greeted so happily every day.  Ensure that you take in all of the senses of the moments, and spend (if even a few minutes) completely within that time.

For the barn, do a similar task of taking a deep breath before you greet your horse.  Allow for a thorough and loving hello from you to your horse.  You will be surprised at the different response they give you then when you simply through on the halter and walk them to the cross-ties.

If you are having an extra difficult time of letting go, consider not  greeting your animals.  This might sound rude but actually you can go about a few tasks that can help you to de-stress and then give your animal your full attention.  Remember, animals live very much in the moment.  They want you to be in the moment with them.  They do not care if it is this moment or the last moment.

Animals, like children, have the beautiful gift of living in the moment.  Allow them to help you do the same.  Find beauty in their excitement, in their playfulness, and in their love.





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