How do I talk to your animal?

People often wonder how I talk to their pets?  Is it like a conversation that you have with a good friend?  Facing each other over coffee?  It is a funny thought to picture a human and an animal having a conversation in such a way.  Do animals even really talk?  Well, not in the manner that we think they do.

Basically, when I connect with your pet, I am connecting with their energetic frequency.  Within this frequency there is a wealth of information about what the animal thinks, feels, sees, etc.  After connecting I am able to receive this information and to help interpret what it means.  I do also receive words and phrases from your animal but this is still coming from their energetic frequency because, as we know, animals do not speak in English or any other language for that matter.

Watch the video to find out more detailed information on how I communicate with your pet.

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