Letting Go

Have you ever watched an eagle sore the skies catching gusts of wind going this way and that?  They simply spread their wings and allow the wind to take them where it wishes, perhaps where it sees best.  They are definitely active in the process as they have to remain in the air, but they are very passive in their maneuvers.  They might turn slightly to the right and make one small flap of their wings at a given moment but for the most part, they are at the mercy of the wind.

How many times have you watched an eagle do this and think how lovely it must be to simply glide and enjoy? We watch with our feet firmly planted on mother earth in envy and awe of their free spirit and trust. We cannot fathom what it must be like. We might look down at our feet with a frown and wish that we too could be that free up in the sky.

Perhaps what hasn’t occurred to us is that we can be that free.  Every single day we are given the opportunity to be that free, to flow with the wind and the energy within the air.  And, more often than not, we chose to try to control our flight.  We flap our wings tirelessly against the wind insisting that we must go that way.  With each slip-up we continue to drive ourselves harder, our sights set on something directly in front of us, all while we miss the beauty that surrounds us.

Somehow, this beauty seems to escape us.  It is as if it doesn’t even exist.  Some days we might notice it and give a nod as if to say, “look how beautiful it is today”.  When the reality is that it is beautiful everyday.  So how do we see this beauty everyday?  By letting go.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

Letting go doesn’t mean to stop being an active part in our lives.  Letting go doesn’t mean that we give up and throw in the towel.  What it means is that we release ourselves of expectations.  Expectations only limit our ability to manifest by minimizing the multitude and infinite possibilities that the universe can create for us to the one single thing that we expect to happen or be created.  By letting go of expectations, we allow the universe to truly take a hold of our deepest desires and manifest them in a way that we would never have even imagined.  We allow the wonderful creator, to create.

Letting go also means that we allow the natural ebb and flow of life.  Just like the wind that the eagle allows to push and pull it, the ebb and flow of life must push and pull us.  If we are not open to this, we are constantly fighting a force that is much larger and stronger than ourselves.  We wear out.  If we instead, choose to listen and feel the flow of life, we will be able to move with it in grace and ease instead of against it with frustration and fatigue.

Letting go releases us from our emotions that are attached to any circumstance.  Can you imagine going into a job interview with the idea that, with all honesty, you are ok with any outcome?  What a relief that would be and how much easier the interview itself would truly become.  You could be yourself and simply have fun because you would know that you were either going to get the job or you weren’t and that neither mattered.  When we release ourselves from our emotions, we allow our true selves to emerge.  Our true selves are full of confidence and wisdom and are much better at life than our emotional selves are.  Your true self would have no trouble landing the job while your emotional self could potentially make a mockery of you.


Letting go means that we stop stressing about every little piece in our life.  Every little turn of events whether big or small.  It means that we begin to see a much larger picture than simply that goal that is right in front of us.  Instead, we begin to see the beauty all around us and in every thing.  The beauty within the mistakes and changes that would otherwise seem scary or frustrating.  The beauty of losing your way or getting lost.  The beauty of simply allowing yourself to go with the wind and see where it takes you.

This thing that we call life is glorious.  It is filled with beautiful people, places, and events.  When we do not allow the universe to show us just how much beauty it can create, we are essentially saying that we are better at creating than it is.  That we need to be in control because we can do a better job than it can.  Do you really believe that?  Did you create all of the beautiful things on this planet?  To think that the universe cannot create just as much beauty for every single one of us is denying it it’s most precious skill.

So open your heart and allow the universe to step in and take the reins.  Spread your wings wide and let the wind of life take you on an incredible journey.

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