How you already communicate with your animals

Our animals are always reading our energy and, even, our minds.  Some people believe that animal communication is not real, however, they cannot seem to explain how their dog knows when they are about to go for a walk or on a trip.  Animal communication isn’t magic, it is simply the ability to read the energy of an animal.  It is, actually, a skill that all of us have and use on a daily basis without really knowing it.

Have you ever watched someone walk into a room and you “feel” very strange about them?  Or perhaps you were about to do something and you got a weird feeling and decided to do something else.  These are both examples of when you, personally, read energy of either a person or a situation.  Animal communication is exactly that although in a bit more detail.

I bring this up today because I am often explaining to my clients that their every thought, emotion and feeling is read by their animals.  All animals do this, but some do it better than others.  The more advanced an animal is spiritually the more it can understand the information it is receiving from it’s owner.  Over many lifetimes they have learned how to read energy and, thus, know what their owners are thinking.

When we think or feel something we automatically create a picture in our heads concerning it.  Daydreaming is a perfect example of this, however, we do it outside of daydreaming also.  We do it every second of every day.  For instance, if you think of the things you have to do today, you will be thinking of each individual task and imagining it to some degree.  If you are stressing about your financial situation you might be creating images of bills in your head or your car that needs to be fixed.  You think of taking your kids to soccer practice tomorrow and the project that you are completing at work.

Just think, for a moment, of all the thoughts that run through your day in a head. There are a lot of them. Much, much more than a dog or cat experience on any given day. We have so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions running through us that oftentimes our animals don't know what to think of it. Now, they do become accustom to our personal "vibe" and the repetitive patterns that we express and are able to tune a lot of it out. But it still can be overwhelming to them and very, very confusing.

Many times animals confuse what we are thinking because the images in our minds to not match our actual expression.  For example, owners will often imagine their dog barking and then tell them not to bark.  The dog sees the image of them barking and thinks that they are suppose to be barking.  Therefore, we must be very conscious of our images when we are working and communicating with our animals.  

So instead of picturing them barking, you want to picture you dog sitting there calmly and then also tell them not to bark.  The combination of the image backed by the verbal queue makes it very clear to the dog what we wish them to do.  By sending them love and understanding you raise the bar even further as your energy will be carrying a vibration that they are very willing to tune into.

For more helpful tips on how to ground and be present for your animals, watch the video below.

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