Cats Peeing Outside Litterbox

Many clients contact Lisa about their cat peeing outside of the litter box.  This is usually done after they have taken the cat to the vet and also tried many other possible reasons and solutions.

What Lisa finds is that the cats are often expressing something.  Usually they are frustrated or upset about something and are using the peeing as a way to try to get the owner’s attention.

Each case is very unique and it isn’t to say that this is the only reason why cats act this way but it is a very common reason that Lisa has experienced.

Cats are also extremely sensitive to energy and to the energy/emotions of their owners and of any beings (animals or humans) in the house.  If there is stress, frustration, change, loss, or any strong emotions, they will often attempt to try to bring awareness to this issue.  To them, it is uncomfortable.  As humans we often don’t realize how overwhelming our emotions can be for our animals.  

Lisa often finds that healing is needed between cat and owner and sometimes between other members of the household.



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