About Lisa

About Lisa Holbrook and her animal communicationI have always been in love with animals. As a young child, I could communicate with animals and would often have lengthy conversations with them. I would spend my entire day with my horse, dog, and cat in complete harmony and love.

From the perspective of the innocent, talking to animals was completely normal. However, as I aged I began to suppress this skill as I understood it to be childlike. For many years I went on continuing this belief. I had a desire to help them but couldn’t find a career that felt complete and true to my soul.

In 2010 I became an Animal Physical therapist through the College of Animal Physiotherapy in England. As I entered this field my intense “knowing” returned and I began to receive information from the animals that I worked on.

In all honesty, I was scared to tell my clients that their animals were speaking to me. I worried that they would think I was crazy and call it “voodoo”. But as I continued to pass on the information, I was instead faced with complete appreciation from my clients. I began to disclose my abilities to a few of my clients and their responses gave me the courage to continue to expand my skills.

I completed an animal communication course through Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado. This course gave me the tools to fully develop my abilities and to truly help animals and people. I was so impressed by the deep level of communication and healing each session provided.

I truly believe that this is my soul’s purpose in life. To help animals by communicating their needs to their beloved owners. Through this process, a level of clarity and understanding is reached that is deeply rooted in love and respect.