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Behavioral Issues, Concerns, Challenges Animal Communication is an excellent way to get to the root of behavioral issues, concerns, and challenges.  It allows the owner to understand why the animals is acting that way and receive insight as to how to help the animal change that behavior.  If the issue is from trauma, then
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Physical Issues

Animal Communication and How It Can Help With Physicall Issues Animal Communication is an excellent way to help owners understand how their animals are feelings physically.  While Lisa Marie is not a vet and therefore cannot diagnose issues, she can bring in extensive insight as to what is occuring and what your animal needs
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When Is It Time To Assist?

As our beloved pets age, it can be confusing to know when they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge.   In this video, Lisa brings a message from the animals themselves to you about this topic.

Cats Peeing Outside Litterbox

Many clients contact Lisa about their cat peeing outside of the litter box.  This is usually done after they have taken the cat to the vet and also tried many other possible reasons and solutions. What Lisa finds is that the cats are often expressing something.  Usually they are frustrated or upset about something and
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Talk Therapy

For some, it may be strange to consider, but just like humans many animals benefit from the simple solution of simply talking.  Sometimes, animals just want to be heard, deeply, just as we do.  They want to feel as though they are being listened to and understood. Therefore, sometimes the simple conversation is enough to
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Anxiety Can Be Sensitivity

Oftentimes, animals that represent themselves with anxiety can actually be very sensitive to energy. They can often feel and sense everyone’s energy on a very subtle and very profound level.  For them, going out “into the world” can be too overstimulating.  There is information coming from every direction and they can’t process all of it.
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How you already communicate with your animals

Our animals are always reading our energy and, even, our minds.  Some people believe that animal communication is not real, however, they cannot seem to explain how their dog knows when they are about to go for a walk or on a trip.  Animal communication isn’t magic, it is simply the ability to read the
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Lessons From Past Pets – #1